It is my goal to provide the patient and parents with information, to answer your questions about your or your child's intellectual/cognitive functioning. Sometimes this takes the form of answering the question "do I or my child have ADHD/ADD?" "I have been diagnosed with Bipolar but medication does not seem to help, is my diagnosis accurate?" "I am having trouble with memory lately, is this serious?" or even "my son or daughter is simply acting different lately and I am worried."
It is my job as a clinical psychologist trained in neuropsychological and psychological assessment to figure out, using standardized measures whether a person presents with a clinical, psychiatric, developmental disability, or neurological syndrome. 
I specialize in differential diagnosis ("it could be diagnosis X or diagnosis Y") as well as developmental disabilities including determining developmental syndromes such as autistic spectrum disorder, Aspergers' Syndrome, and other such syndromes. 
Additionally, I have been trained in neuropsychological assessment and am experienced in determining organicity (dysfunction in the brain itself as an organ) as opposed to psychological or psychiatric factors (such as the effects of trauma, anxiety, or depression).
Essentially, my job is to answer your questions and help you to be able to advocate for yourself, your children, or your family members. 
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